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Entry #1

Jake and John

2010-06-25 21:47:07 by game155

My newest Movie series,
Jake and John are best friends, Jake gets into alot of troubles, but John is a bit shy, John likes to wear his hat everywhere he goes, but is constantly told by the teachers to take it off, come and enjoy my first flash video about two funny kids that learns the way of life.


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2010-06-26 02:19:40

The thing that says "Please delete this." You can delete it yourself you know. Like, for free, and, right now. Go to the orange button at the top right corner of the page that says "My Account." Click "Flash Submissions." Next to the flash named "Please delete this," click "Remove" or "Delete," or whatever it says.


2010-08-09 00:09:43



2010-08-09 00:10:04

I'm that guy you hate. Remember?


2011-06-16 07:10:16

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